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The Nobel Express Super Premium USA Parboiled Rice is defined by most as the best quality rice ever on the Liberian market. Nobel Express rice, today a well-established local brand, has been available on the Liberian market since 2015, when the first shipment of Nobel Express rice was imported into Liberia from the USA. Since then, we have grown and further invested to provide the support needed as the team in Liberia servicing the market went from a mere 3 people to over 60 Liberians that strive each day to ensure the goods are delivered to their counterparties.

The Nobel Express rice is harvested in the USA and before it’s packed it goes through several processes in order to ensure the high quality of the product. One of these processes is the parboiling, which makes the rice easier to process by hand, while also boosting its nutritional profile, changing its texture, and making it more resistant to weevils.

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The nutritional values of Nobel Express rice make it one of the healthiest food products. Due to its low glycemic index and low starch content, our rice is recommended for diabetics or people trying to avoid diabetes. Also, its 0% fat and cholesterol values make it safe to be consumed by people suffering from high blood pressure and other vascular illnesses. It is proven that parboiled rice supports a nutritious and healthy alimentation while also prolonging longevity.


Below you have the detailed nutritional values of our rice:

 Nobel Express rice nutritional facts



Liberian doctors recommend Nobel Express Super Premium USA Parboiled Rice:





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